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Direct investment in oil and gas properties can offer exceptionally high rewards and significant tax advantages for a high net worth investor. This is why direct oil and gas well participation is one of the most sought after investments in any well diversified portfolio. However, this type of investment does carry a higher level of risk, therefore it is critical to invest with a company that is trustworthy and has a proven strategy in developing oil and gas properties.

Welcome to China Drills

The flexibility provided by strong operations in HYIP DESIGN and good relationships with other businesses, as well as land owners has permitted our annual drilling program to enjoy continued success. Our staff and equipment permits us to directly control all facets of our business from originating a prospect through completion, equipping, and operating, thereby maximizing our return on investment. A working relationship with several major oil and gas companies has benefitted our company through profitable periods with the sharing of information and technology.

Why China Drills

At any given time we have multiple exploration and development opportunities in various stages of progression from the initial geological review of a new area to completed turnkey prospect preparing to drill. Due to our many years of success and existing network of long-time investors, many of our traditional single well drilling projects tend to have waiting lists. However, we are currently evaluating new larger scale projects, utilizing many of the new drilling and frac technologies, which have opened opportunities for larger investments. Many of these opportunities carry minimum initial investments of $50,000 up to several million.

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