Frequently Asked Questions

Direct investment in oil and gas properties can offer exceptionally maximum rewards and significant tax advantages for a high net worth investor.

China Drills is legally registered in China and Hong Kong.

  1. Select Plan and Sign up.
  2. You can also join us by one of our already registered member.

There are Four China Drills Bonuses

  1. Daily Profit
  2. Daily Referral Bonus
  3. 10% Direct Bonus
  4. Pair Bonus (1 Left + 1 Right = $15)

Click on Top Up in User Account and select one of China Drills accounts and send money to that account.

Go to Withdrawal section and send withdrawal request to China Drills. Within 24 hours we will send money to your withdrawal account (8% service charges will be applied).

Minimum withdrawal from China Drills is $30.

You can easily transfer your fund from one China Drills account to another China Drills account by giving User Id of other user.

To change your password go to settings of User Account panel by giving your old password. if you have forgotten your old password you can click on forgot password and recover your password through your email address.

To change your master pin go to settings of User Account panel by giving your old master pin. if you have forgotten your old master pin you can click on forgot pin and recover your master pin through your email address.

To change your email address in China Drills account. go to my profile and easily update your email address by giving your master pin.

To change your Title Name in China Drills account. Go to my profile and update your Title Name by giving your master pin.

No, you cannot change your Name and UserId in China Drills account.

Expiry Date is 300 days from your joining date. Your account will be terminated after 300 days.

You can create unlimited accounts using one email address and IP address.

No, your payment is not refundable according to company terms and conditions, By joining China Drills you are agreeing to company policies and terms.

If you beleive that your account is stolen by someone then you have to contact immediately to our support team (

Yes, if you have used your account against our terms and conditions we keep the rights to disable or suspend your account.

If you have forgotten your password or master pin you can easily recover your master pin or password by clicking on forgot password or forgot master pin link. You will receive a 6 digits recovery code in your email address (inbox or spam) to create a new password or master pin.

There is no limit for referrals in China Drills program.